Fine Techno works to protect personal information of customers handled. In order to provide good services to the internet and the web sites of our customers we receive some of your valuable personal information. We handle personal information in our business operations such as customer names, addresses, phone numbers and other information based on the Personal Information Protection Law and our own Personal Information Protection Policy.

Privacy Statement

(1) When collecting personal information, the reason for use will be indicated.

(2) Personal information will not be used for any other purpose than Fine Techno's stated purpose.

(3) We will only handle necessary data, and not collect information beyond what is required.

(4) We will not supply personal information to a third party without customer consent.

(5) Customers may request verification, editing, or removal of their own personal data.

(6) All the executive and staff members will receive education related to personal information protection
  and strictly follow these policies.

Personal information use purpose

Personal information is useful for the development and delivery of more valuable and compelling services for our customers in addition to use confirmation and contact related to the supplied service, and delivery of requested materials or products to the user.

Third party provision

Customer information will not be sold or supplied to third parties. However, when using our services in conjunction with another company’s services we may provide part of the customer data to help smooth services. We will get prior permission from the customer on all such occasions. When outsourcing portions of our business we will enter into customer information handling related agreements with the subcontractor and perform appropriate oversight.

Personal information handling and maintenance

Care will be taken when maintaining customer personal information. We will work to protect customer personal information by implementing appropriate and rational safety measures to prevent dangers including loss, damage, alteration, or leak of data through improper external access.

Access to personal information

On request an individual can access their own personal information. Also, if there is a mistake in the personal information, it is possible to demand an edit of the personal data, stoppage of use, deletion, or prohibition of third party supply. Fine Techno will do our best to rapidly respond by ensuring that such demands are being made by the customer or a designated representative. If we are not able to respond we will explain why.

Revising the privacy statement

With regards to the handling of customer personal information, the content of the above items will be appropriately revised and improved. With regards to the privacy statement, if a change occurs a notification will be made at the top of the page. If there is a large change to the use of personal data, information will be made available on the website in an easily found location. Only after receiving permission will information be used.

Contact regarding personal information and the personal information policy, or requests for access to,

revision of, deletion of or cancellation of personal information should be sent to contact form.